The subject or topic can be as varied as the student’s imagination or interest, as long as it is related to history in general of the last 100 years, whether in Quebec, in Canada or the world. Examples: an invention that changed our way of life, history of current or former residents that were enrolled in wars or even peace missions, residents that were associated in some capacity with the Montreal Canadians or NHL teams, history of current or former residents who participated in the Olympics. (See other suggestions on next page.)

N.B. As much as possible, students are encouraged to make a link with Beaconsfield or the way the event or the person influenced the way of life of its residents.


Your project can take many forms, for example:

1-An interview with a former or current resident or simply relating his life story, someone who may have been responsible for an invention or who distinguished himself/herself during an important event or period. You will have to explain the influence of the invention or the event on people or life in Beaconsfield.

2-A presentation of an invention or event that took place in the last 100 years (1910-2010), making a link to Beaconsfield as much as possible.




Beaconsfield Personalities (please provide a brief biography as well as length of residence in Beaconsfield)

Accomplishments of current or former residents of Beaconsfield who have been:


- Mayors or councillors


- Members of Parliament or politician


- Business leaders (CEO), presidents of large public corporations


- Recipients of the Order of Canada (Beaconsfield has 13)


- Quiet heroes and super volunteers


- Judges, lawyers, notaries


- Participants or associates in various sports, for example: players, owners, coaches, or those involved in the invention of particular equipment or trophies


- Participants in the Olympics games


- Transport: various means of transport that may have had an impact on the life of the people of Beaconsfield:

roads, railway, aviation, etc.

- Housing development in Beaconsfield: stories on architects, builders, urban planners

- Religious development: history of the churches in Beaconsfield, etc

- School development: history of schools, major events, history of former graduates who have made an impact in Quebec, Canada or elsewhere

- Political events: local, provincial, national, international

- Major events: fires, accidents, crimes, etc.

- Business: Any major event related to Beaconsfield

- Games or toys: old games and toys made or used in the past 100 years

- Environmental issues, pollution, etc.

- Food: history of locally grown products