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  • Sept/89          Mr. H.M. Marier, Family History
  • Oct/89           Dr. R. Estey, MacDonald College Local Agriculture History
  • Nov/89           Mrs. G. Cunningham, Costume History
  • Jan/90            Mr. R. Gandey & Mr. M. Carter, Beaconsfield's Tri-centennial
  • Feb/90            Mr. D. Brown, Antiques
  • Mar/90            Dr. R. Bider, St. Lawrence River Valley History
  • Apr/90            Mr. 0. Lavallee, The National Dream
  • May 29 AGM    Mrs. L. MeAuslane, Quilting History


  • Sept. 27/88      Dr. Kenneth Mackenzie, Ph.D. – “The Allan Line & Me”
  • Oct. 25            Roger Bider - Ecomuseum
  • Nov. 29            Robert Baird - History of Beaconsfield
  • Jan. 31/89        Grace Cunningham - The Golden Square Mile
  • Feb 28             Linda Joyce - Raptor Center
  • Mar. 28            Lyle Cruickshank - History of NFB Films
  • Apr. 25            Dr. Kenneth Mackenzie, Ph.D. - Railways vs. Waterways: The struggle for supremacy between railways and canals 1880-1903
  • May 30            Conrad Graham - "McCord Museum and the value of museums to the public"


  • Sept.29/87 -    Ann McKinnel-Walker, the Harpell Press of Ste. Anne de Bellevue from an historical perspective.
  • Oct. 27 -         Ben Shara, Treasurer of the College of Pharmacy 'The History of Pharmacy" will be presented.
  • Nov. 24 -         Father Tom McEntee of St. Edmund of Canterbury Roman Catholic Church; Rev. and Canon Frank Toop of St. Mary's Anglican Church; Rev., The movement of English Protestant and Catholic churches out to the West Island.
  • January 26/88- Graeme Decarie "Leisure"
  • February -        Doris Montour of Kahnawake



  • September 30/86   Wayne McKell of the Chateauguay Valley Historical Society on the history of that region
  • October 28            Valerie Benham, Mr. Les Sawyer, Bank note designer and miniaturist.
  • November 25         Paul-Emil Cadorette of Parks Canada on the history of the Lachine area
  • Jan 27/87              Roy Wilson slides on the old houses of Quebec
  • Feb 24                  Henry Harwood, St. Michel de Vaudreuil church
  • Apr 28                  Dr. F. Schlossher on the history of fashion
  • June 8 AGM          Guy Vadeboncoeur, curator of the David Stewart Museum on St. Helen's Island and Le Vieux Fort


  • September 24/85    History of Ste Anne de Bellevue Brian Matthews
  • November 26          "The Need to Preserve Older Buildings in Montreal", Mark London
  • January 28/86         "Food Through the Ages" Margaret Goldik and Wendy Mason
  • February 25            "Fur Trade and the Northwest Company" Victoria Stewart
  • March 25                "A Pageantry of Fashion", Prof. Francesca Shlosser
  • April 29                  "Early Arts in Canada" by France Bourgeois
  • May 27 AGM           "Building of Canals in Canada" Paul-Emile Cadorette of Parks Canada



  • SEPT. 25/84          “Fur Trading" by Armour Landry- historian
  • OCT. 30               Old Montreal by France Bourgeois of Coup d'Oeil sur l’Art Lecture and slide projection at Gibby’s restaurant.
  • Nov. 27                History of the Mohawk Indians of Caughnawaga and the Chateauguay area and brief history of Lachine by Gerry Rogers
  • Jan. 29/85           History of Beaurepaire-Beaconsfield by Gisele Hall with slide projection of old and local pictures
  • Apr. 30                History of Ste Anne by Josee Derepentigny slides and pictures will be shown



  • Sep 27   France Boungeois        - Faison revivre nos ancestors
  • Oct 25      Ann Lachance                      - The history of Dorval
  • Jan 31    Robert Baird                - Cartography pertaining to the West Island
  • Feb 23   Prof. R. Diubaldo           - Inuits and history of its people.
  • Mar 29    Dr. Graham. Decarie       - The English population in Montreal
  • Apr 19   Julia Gersovitch of Heritage Montreal        - Victorian Architecture Slide show
  • May 29 (AGM) Prof. Hereward Senior - The United Empire Loyalists in Quebec


1982 - 1983

  • Sept.28, 1982              Gisele Hall Visual presentation of our local history (old pictures and maps)
  • Oct.26, 1982                Prof. John Bland “The French Canadian architecture”
  • Nov.30, 1982                Prominent historian: Sister Estelle Mitchell, Grey Nuns
  • Mar. 29, 1983                Rene Chartrand -Curator and historian from the Military Museum in Ottawa
  • Apr. 26, 1983                Expose on the family genealogy by local Quebec Family History Society